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McCann: Budget proposal shows path forward

SPRINGFIELD- A package of bills filed in the Illinois Senate on January 9 could be the key to ending the current budget impasse that has dragged on for a year and a half, according to State Senator Sam McCann (R-Plainview).

“I think this says loud and clear in the Senate that we are working together in bipartisan fashion to forge true compromises on the major issues facing our state,” said Senator McCann. “I think everyone can find things that they do or don’t like in the proposal, which is often the case in real negotiations.”

The budget package includes reforms covering areas from term limits for legislative leaders to procurement and mandate relief to cut bureaucratic red tape, while matching revenues and expenditures in a full-year budget.

Due to time restraints before the end of the current General Assembly, the existing legislation as-filed can’t be passed into law, but leaders from both parties promised to re-file the bills on January 11, the first day of the new General Assembly. Senator McCann noted that by filing the bills early, it will allow the public and journalists to analyze the individual proposals.

“With something as big as this, it’s important that people have time to see what’s actually in the bills,” said Senator McCann. “This will bring sunshine to a process that has been in the dark for far too long.”

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