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50th District Update: Slow Progress

Dear Friends,

Recently I told you about a wide-ranging package of budget and governmental reform legislation that is being considered in the Illinois Senate. This past week, a handful of those bills passed, and further action was held off until later.

These bills contain an actual full state budget for the remainder of the fiscal year, as well as a number of reforms primarily aimed at changing how state and local governments operate. The delay probably shouldn't surprise us. There are so many areas covered and so many people and groups affected that there are a lot of competing interests at play. Add in the fact that the Senate President recently asked the Governor to weigh in with his opinions, which has added one more chef to the kitchen. There is still a lot of back and forth going on in negotiations. Anything that passes the Senate will need to pass the House and receive the Governor's signature to become law.

In their current form, I can't support all of these bills, and it's likely I won't be able to support them all. I did vote in favor of the full-year budget, because as is quite obvious, we need a real budget now. But I can't support plans that would place the burden on the backs of our hard working families. I can also tell you that I have never, ever voted to raise taxes. I also haven't discussed any of these bills with the Governor. My votes on these bills will be based on the same principles as every other piece of legislation. My first priority is the impact, positive or negative, that any new proposal would have on the families of the 50th Senate District and the entire state of Illinois. For me, it is just that simple.

It is my sincere hope that this process will allow some good proposals to move forward so that we can finally have a budget. Our bill backlog is now nearly $12 billion dollars. It is shameful that employees of companies that do business with the state have to worry about their paychecks, along with the real threat of pyachecks to government employees being stopped. Our state needs to pay its bills now.

Please, if you need to reach me with any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to call my office at 217-782-8206 or via email at


State Senator Sam McCann

Senator McCann speaks at the dedication of the "Officer Scott Fitzgerald Memorial Highway" near Jacksonville.

Senate Week in Review

"Grand Bargain" slowly moving forward

Senate lawmakers adjourned March 2, with negotiations continuing on several critical aspects of a Senate budget and reform package). On Feb. 28, the Senate took action on nearly half of the 13 pieces of legislation that are part of the Senate budget framework, passing legislation dealing with local government consolidation, “pension parity” for Chicago Public Schools, a gaming expansion, procurement reform, and Fiscal Year 2017 supplemental appropriation legislation.

Officer Scot Fitzgerald Memorial Highway Dedicated

State Senator Sam McCann (R-Plainview) helped unveil a new sign renaming Illinois Route 267 at Nortonville Road as “Officer Scot Fitzgerald Memorial Highway” on Friday, March 3 starting at 11am.  Officer Fitzgerald’s family will participate in the ceremony.

Officer Fitzgerald was killed in an auto accident while responding to an emergency call.  He was a police officer with the village of South Jacksonville and a Scott County Deputy Sheriff.

"Officer Fitzgerald sacrificed his life to make our communities safe," said State Senator Sam McCann. "I hope his courage and dedication will continue to inspire others to serve their fellow man."

The memorial dedication was the result of legislation passed by Senator McCann during the previous General Assembly.

Illinois’ Early Spring Storms Cause Destruction

North Central and Southern Illinois residents are cleaning up after a series of tornados touched down in LaSalle, Jackson, Perry, Franklin, Hamilton and White counties. The storms left two Illinoisans dead in LaSalle and White counties.

Senators representing the affected communities returned to their district after the storms to tour the damaged areas and offer assistance and support. The Illinois Emergency Management Agency and other state and local entities have been coordinating rescue and clean-up efforts.

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