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Sen. McCann’s statement on budget votes

SPRINGFIELD – State Sen. Sam McCann (R-Plainview) released the following statement after the Illinois Senate voted on budget and tax hike legislation.

“I can’t in good conscience vote for a 32% income tax hike. Illinois has an outdated and punitive tax structure that unfairly harms our working families. We shouldn’t be voting to make a 19th Century tax structure worse, we should be looking ahead to develop a 21st Century revenue system that properly funds important core services. This is why I voted no.

“Once this tax hike had already passed, I voted ‘yes’ on budget legislation. This isn’t the budget plan I would’ve put together, and it is based on a tax hike that I disagree with. However, if the families in the 50th District are going to be paying these same taxes, then we need to make sure that money goes to fund the schools, prisons, and road projects that employ so many of them.”

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